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The hit novel featuring British expats, Aussie hunks and a blond escort absolutely everybody will fall in love with.


Imagine you are a gay man approaching mid-life in the Silicon Valley: disillusioned, unhappy, bored with life. You have a monotonous job and can count your friends on one hand; you have given up on finding love for good. Along comes the perfect man: an Australian hunk. He is intelligent, witty, suave, well-bred and stunningly good-looking. Only problem: he is straight.


Nevertheless a friendship develops based on a common interest in fitness, books, philosophical speculation…and a strange sexual tension.


He makes you a witness to his conquests of women.


Step by step he gains control over you, and the relationship changes... until one day, disaster strikes…


"Mark my words—Marten Weber is a writer to watch. I just finished reading “Shayno” and sit here mouth agape at the powerful writing it contains. The subject matter is also a bit different and when you put a good story together with a good writer, you quite naturally get a GOOD book. However, good is a bit too mild of a word to describe “Shayno”. Amos Lassen


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Midwest Book Review

In the parallels of homosexuality and heterosexuality, sometimes your dreams are unobtainable. "Shayno" tells the story of a mid life crisis of a gay silicon valley man who finds the man of his dreams, only problem is that he's straight. Even with friendship, problems arise, as Marten Weber creates a riveting story about the dilemma of the gay/straight relationship. "Shayno" is an excellent pick for those looking for a fine read of gay fiction.




  Shayno crosses over the line of homo-erotic novels into the upper levels of literature. The characters and their development put me in the mind of Virginia Woolf's novels. If gay literature is ever a college course, Shayno will be mandatory reading.
Keep a close eye on Marten Weber; I certainly will. Beautifully written, remarkable depth of character development, hot as fire sex, truthful and insightful.
—Gary Benner

  Weber has created a mesmerizing story filled with unusual but believable characters and scenarios. He somehow mixes social commentary and intricately interwoven intellectual conversations with sexually stimulating prose that I couldn't put down. I don't ever remember reading more skillfully written conversations between two people than those described in this book. —Robert

  Your writing is simply beautiful. Everything was moving—the wit, passion, insight, maturity! The contrasts, especially. —Danielle

  I don’t think anyone has combined good literary fiction with honest, realistic, and bristling eroticism as successfully as you do. Please keep writing! —David

  The writing is introspective and unapologetically frank, yet it's beautifully wistful at the same time. I think Weber is a writer to watch for in the future; I can see him becoming a must-read author within the genre of gay fiction, and he's talented enough that he may well extend beyond the boundaries of the genre and establish himself simply as a must-read author, period. —Charly T. Anchor (full reviews on amazon)


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