Rainbow Award winner Marten Weber is the creator of Benedetto Casanova, the funny and sexy fictional brother to Giacomo Casanova, the famous 18th century womanizer. Learn all about Benedetto here, and make sure to friend him on Facebook.  Marten has also written a number of more serious books about the lives and loves of gay men, including the 2010 best-seller "Shayno". Click here for a list of all other Marten Weber books.

"Marten Weber is the most versatile voice in modern gay fiction, at once shockingly realistic and wonderfully entertaining."  --Echelon Magazine

The writing is great--historical and erotic--with lots of history, laughs, and adventures. For those who like deep dish, there are plenty of anecdotes about naughty twins, misbehaving cardinals, and all manner of encounters. -- The Reader

Alternately a story of love, espionage, travel and a diary of sexual encounters, "Benedetto Casanova" will keep the reader entertained and engaged.
--Philadelphia Gay News

Whether you love historical novels, gay erotica or heart-stopping adventure, you're sure to enjoy Bernedetto Casanova: The Memoirs, a novel that deftly combines all three genres into one often-hilarious page-turner.
--Gaylist Reviews

A wonderful journey to a world gone by, the worship of the perfect male form, of love and lust and their intermingling. --The Queer Chronicle

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